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About Thrive N’ Beat Addiction Our Nationwide Rehab Resource Team is Here for You 24/7

Our rehab resource center is a free, non-profit call center that helps those struggling with addiction find effective drug and alcohol detox and residential treatment centers. At Thrive N’ Beat Addiction, we understand there is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and that is why we work diligently to help each client find a treatment center that accepts their insurance and is in a preferred location.

We believe every family should have the right to receive help while their loved one pursues sobriety. As a result, we help every person, including those with:

  • PPO Insurance
  • HMO Insurance
  • No Insurance
  • No Out-of-State Coverage
  • Tricare

Don’t wait to reach out for help. Our detox and rehab placement center is available to take your call 24/7!

Can Your Rehab Placement Center Place Me in an Out-of-State Treatment Center?

Yes, at Thrive N’ Beat Addiction, our detox and residential placement team is able to help clients receive help in out-of-state and in-state detox and rehab centers. Because we have ample connections with many treatment facilities, we will be able to place you in a variety of settings.

What Types of Treatment Centers are Available for My Use?

Our addiction treatment resource team works with an extensive network of treatment centers, allowing our patients a variety of options based on their needs. We work with the following:

  • Detox treatment centers: Designed to help clients safely withdraw from drugs or alcohol in preparation for residential treatment
  • Inpatient residential treatment centers: Overnight treatment designed to help clients relearn life in sobriety. Includes support groups and individual treatment.
  • Outpatient individual and group therapy programs: Provides weekly counseling for clients without the need for clients to remain in the facility overnight.

What if I Can’t Afford Treatment?

Despite what many believe, there are many options that make addiction treatment affordable. In fact, treatment can be paid for by:

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • State funding
  • Self-pay
  • Special programs for those without funds or insurance

It is also important to note that many addiction treatment programs take different types of payment; Often, clients do not have to pay for treatment on their own.

Will You Help Me with Travel Arrangements and Costs?

We assist patients with accessing specialized treatment, selecting treatment facilities, and navigating any barriers, such as treatment cost or lack of transportation, that could hinder treatment.

Ready to Receive Help?

Call Our Detox and Rehab Resource Center 24/7. Our team at Thrive N’ Beat Addiction is ready to help you gain access to a beautiful life in sobriety. We believe each person deserves help in time of need, and that is why we are here to help free of charge!

For more information on our rehab placement services, call our 24-hour hotline. A drug and alcohol treatment specialist will assist you in starting the road to recovery.

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